I had a conversation with every participant and I really felt happy that each of them had the positive response like me. Heart full thanks to you and Ranhuma for helping us to learn some new techniques of drama and dramatisation. It was really good working with you. Thanks a lot

          --Raihan, grade 12

It made me feel so important, to know I was part of something big, something that mattered. And when we finally presented it, I was scared. But all my new friends were there, and they really helped me. I never thought I could go up on stage, but everyone was so supportive. And I just took it one step at a time, and I did it! And it was great. After I got through that, I just know I can do all the other things I was afraid of.

          --Salvatore, grade 9

It made me feel special to know that I was part of something extraordinary. I was also able to realize my true selfand find my own personality.

          --Nazish, grade 10

As a teacher I saw the impact dramatization can have on any subject. The students have been touched by what we have done and are inspired and motivated to make a difference. As educators, we have reached a very important milestone with them

         --Annick Cardinal on the ‘Free the Children’, Earl Grey Senior Public School

 "Play Upon the Words” opened up our Adult ESL students to creative ways with English and boosted their confidence for self-expression in the language of their new country. These students, our future Canadian citizens, come from all over the world with superb skills, experience and wisdom, and need only fluency in English to unlock their enormouspotential. Thank you, Pleiades Theatre, for helping them reach this! 

    --Kathy Simo, ESL Program Officer - Jones Avenue Adult Centre