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Counterfeit Secrets

3 Counterfeit Secrets, Postcard.jpg

Artword Theatre

May 03, 2002 – May 26, 2002

by Marivaux

translated by John Van Burek

directed by John Van Burek

set & costume design: Andjelija Djuric

lighting design: Paul Mathiesen

music: Justin Haynes

stage manager: Isaac Thomas


Arsinée Khanjian 
Xuan Fraser
Dawn Greenhalgh 
Thomas Hauff 
Peter J. Haworth 

Spencer Haworth
Julie LeGal 
Andrew Piko
William Webster

Counterfeit Secrets takes an amusing look at the treacherous relationship between love and money.


Considered by many to be Marivaux' greatest play, this one tells the story of Dorante, an attractive, very capable but penniless young lawyer who is in love with Araminte, an extremely wealthy and beautiful young widow.


Dubois, who used to work for Dorante but now for Araminte, manoeuvres to position his former master into Araminte's household as her intendant; the plan is to have her fall in love and marry him.


Iago-like, Dubois plunges everyone into conflict to attain this end. The vast gulf in economic status that lies between the two protagonists keeps begging the question of Dorante's real motives and we soon realize that with every character, a good deal of money is at stake.


Much of the comedy stems from the painful and valiant efforts to keep material and emotional interests separate. Needless to say, there is nothing dated about such a story and this is very much a play for our time.

Photography: Tim Matheson

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