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Dying to be Sick

9 Dying to be Sick, Postcard.jpg

The Theatre Centre

in co-production with The National Arts Centre

October 12, 2007 – November 04, 2007

by Molière

translated by

John Van Burek and Adrienne Clarkson

directed by Brendan Healy

set design: Teresa Przybylski

costume design: Dana Osborne

lighting design: Glenn Davidson

music: Boyd McDonald

choreography: Claudia Moore

sound: Lyon Smith

stage manager: Tanya Greve


Karl Ang

Stephanie Broschart

Victor Ertmanis

Miranda Jones

Hardee Lineham

Dov Mickelson

Nikki Pascetta

Alec Poch-Goldin

Michelle Polak

Henrietta Roi

Samantha Somer Wilson

Dying to be Sick

Study Guide


Photography: Cylla von Tiedemann 

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