The Seven Days of Simon Labrosse
Viola Léger La Sagouine
The Post Office
The Sound of Cracking Bones
The Seven Days of Simon Labrosse
The Post Office
Manon, Sandra, and the Virgin Mary
Beaux Gestes & Beautiful Deeds
Dying to be Sick
The Post Office
The Sound of Cracking Bones
The (Post) Mistress

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The Pleiades

(pron. play-a-deez), is a group of stars, also known as “The Seven Sisters,” that appears in the Taurus constellation. In my imagination, The Pleiades invokes an image of the seven arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry and dance which, all combined, make up the last one, theatre.  Also, the Pleiades are a reminder for me of the seven wonderful women in my life: my wife, my five sisters and my mother, all of whom give me inspiration as a creative artist. Theatre is a public art form –no audience, no theatre—but it has to come from a very personal place, beginning with the name of the company.



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Arts Education 


At Pleiades our aim is to bridge cultural divides by bringing people together through the art of theatre. Our two outreach programmes, Speak the Speech!, for youth, and

Play Upon the Words, for adults new to Canada and learning English, are both driven by that philosophy.


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The Post Office