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The Anne & John Van Burek Fund for Translation in English

John Van Burek retired in 2017 as the Founding Artistic Director of Pleiades Theatre and as a seminal figure in the translations of works by Canadian and international authors especially between French and English. 

In parallel with her husband’s accomplishments and throughout her own professional career, Anne Nenarokoff-Van Burek, a noted author, identified and translated celebrated works of literature, particularly from original French and Russian texts. 

Pleiades Theatre in Toronto has been the beneficiary of the Van Bureks’ insights and energies and it is to honour and to build upon these legacies that our Theatre has established a perpetual Fund named for these two important Canadians and designated to carry on their personal specialty, standards and skills.    



  • To acknowledge the commitments and accomplishments of Anne Nenarokoff-Van Burek and John Van Burek in Canadian literature and theatre

  • To demonstrate, sustain and build upon the Van Bureks’ particular attention and proficiencies in the unique art of translation

  • To promote and carry on the role of literary translations of great works from the languages of Canada’s heritage communities

  • To support and extend the capabilities of Pleiades Theatre when commissioning translations of great dramas and potentially producing these dramas; the founding principles of our Theatre

  • To encourage, assist and financially support Canadian creators with projects and processes founded on the art of translation.

  • To facilitate translations that add to the appreciation of other cultures’ dramatic literature among Canadians and the English-speaking world in general.

  • To continue and generally build the viability of Pleiades Theatre to tour dramas in English and to make translated works available to other theatres for their own playbills.


Financial Management of this Fund:

  • The Fund is to be held in perpetuity for Pleiades Theatre by the Ontario Arts Foundation (OAF), a public foundation established in 1991 to encourage private giving to the arts in Ontario; the OAF assumes responsibility for the investment of the Fund’s capital.

  • Contributions are recognised with official receipts suitable for Canadian tax donation purposes. Pleiades Theatre’s Charitable Registration No.: 11925 1437 RR0001

  • Contributions will be eligible to seek matching funds from Canada Cultural Investment Fund’s Endowment Incentives Component, a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage. 

  • Annually a portion of the investment interest will come to Pleiades for its own decisions and selections towards the use of these proceeds.  (Specific details, below)

  • As the Fund opens, contributions can be directed to Pleiades Theatre and will be fully placed in trust with the OAF to add to the Fund’s capital.   (Details below)

Creative Management of this Fund:

Pleiades Theatre commits to using the proceeds of this Fund towards…

  • assessing proposals from translation projects presented to, or sought by, our Theatre

  • funding selected individuals to undertake translation projects

  • providing support for professional specialists to assist with translation projects

  • engaging dramaturges to work with translators

  • covering travel and accommodation costs at key stages in a project’s development

  • engaging actors and theatrical personnel for workshops as part of the creative process

  • producing translated works determined to be ready for full presentation. 

  • promoting and encouraging the art of translation within the Canadian theatre community

  • sharing/investing in translation projects initiated by colleague theatre companies


To make a contribution to the Fund:

Mail cheques, clearly marked "Pleiades Theatre - The Anne and John Van Burek Fund for Translation in English", to:

Pleiades Theatre

S30 - 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8


Or, please make a donation via credit card through Canada Helps (click on the icon below) . Clearly state in the comments or notes section that you would like the donation to go towards The Anne and John Van Burek Fund for Translation in English. 





Or, if you wish to provide credit card details, please email Ash Knight with a telephone number where he can reach you. You may email him at Please do not send credit card details via email, just your contact details so Ash can contact you to follow up. 

Contributions will be recognised with official receipts suitable for tax donation purposes. 

Pleiades Theatre’s Charitable Registration No.: 11925 1437 RR0001

Contributions will be eligible to seek matching funds from Canada Cultural Investment Fund’s Endowment Incentives Component, a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage.


For further information about the Fund:

Ash Knight, Artistic Executive Director, Pleiades Theatre   (416) 203-1227


For further information about OAF and the Endowment Incentives program:


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