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The Game of Love and Chance

Game of Love and Chance; Image.jpg

sponsored by du Maurier Arts and

Alliance Française de Toronto

Artword Theatre

May 05, 2000 – May 28, 2000

by Marivaux

translated by John Van Burek

directed by John Van Burek

set & costume design: Andjelija Djuric

lighting design: Paul Mathiesen

sound: Justin Haynes

choreography: Luciana Calvet

stage manager: Maria Costa


Colombe Demers
Oliver Dennis
Scott Nichol
Adam Paolozza
Alex Poch-Goldin
Amy Price-Francis
Graeme Somerville

The Pleiades Theatre proudly presents one of Marivaux's greatest plays, The Game of Love and Chance, a comedy about the cruelty and the surprises of love. Written in 1730, this French play combines the style and elegance of 18th Century classic theatre with the eternally modern anxiety we all have about relationships, revealing the deep and agonizing struggle over the true nature of love.

Silvia's father has decided it is time for her to marry and has arranged for her to wed Dorante, the son of his oldest friend. Silvia has seen too many unhappy marriages, so her father allows her to switch roles with her servant in order to observe Dorante more freely, now that he is coming to meet her. But unbeknownst to her, Dorante has done the same thing with his servant. In the ensuing mélée, Dorante and Silvia, each thinking the other is but a servant, fall in love. Although reason tells them they shouldn't, their hearts urge them on.

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