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Heart of a Dog

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Artword Theatre

March 15, 2003 – April 6, 2003

original novella by Mikhail Bulgakov

translated  & adapted by

Anne Nenarokoff-Van Burek

directed by Jean-Stéphane Roy

assistant director & stage manager: Emanuelle Langelier

set & costume design: Rudy Braun

lighting design: Glenn Davidson

music & sound design: Keith Thomas


Martin Albert

Eric Goulem

Patricia Marceau

Rafael Sokolowski
William Webster

This wickedly comic fable, written in 1925, is about a renowned Moscow surgeon who attempts the ultimate experiment in social engineering: he transplants the pituitary gland and sexual organs of a man into the body of a stray dog in the hopes of creating a responsible citizen and a dignified human being.


The more the Doctor urges his creation to be civilized and to behave well, the less success he encounters. This "new man" is increasingly drawn to the worst elements of society and soon discovers that he can even achieve power by championing his lowly origins.


This story, by the greatest Russian novelist of the 20th century, was immediately suppressed by Stalin and only published in the Soviet Union in 1987.

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