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Diane Flacks (2020 Recipient):
“Pleiades’ theatre’s support of my new work through the OAC TCR grant last year helped me to not only get my script to a level that it could be presented (via Zoom), but also gave me faith that the arts will continue to be supported and to have a future throughout and beyond the pandemic. I’m so grateful to Pleiades and to the OAC for their faith in playwrights. It made a huge difference to me, and I know to so many others.”

Azeem Nathoo (2020 Recipient):
"The Recommenders Grant from Pleiades was truly a gift. One that provides an oasis to focus exclusively on developing new work, particularly in its early stages of development. The grant enabled me to focus on script development and research on a project that is finally seeing the light of day as '1184'. Thank you Pleiades for playing such an important part of this project's development, and at such an important stage, through the Recommenders Grant."

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Bessie Cheng (2020 Recipient):
“The RGTC funds from Pleiades Theatre helped immensely in devoting time for me to just write and do research. It's my first time writing a solo show, so it's been quite a process in learning and just generating enough material for a first draft.
Thank you to the Pleiades team for funding my project. I can't wait to work on the next draft in the new year. 

April Leung (2020 Recipient): "Receiving support from Pleiades Theatre through the RGTC program has been immensely helpful in the development of my new piece. It has given me space and time to do the in depth research and reading I was hoping to do for my piece. I can't wait to continue working and developing this writing. Thank you Pleiades for your support!"

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